Taking Home Audio and Video to a whole NEW Level

About us

Owner and President, Dennis Cialini, of parent company, DP Audio Video Service Inc. started when The Sound Mill, a prominent High End Audio Video Store in Mount Kisco, New York, was sold to Harvey Electronics in 1997.

I was the service manager for The Sound Mill Service Department, from 1989, and did all the Video servicing on site, in the customer's home, and in the store. After the corporation was formed, we provided service for not only Sound Mill customers but also customers of many High-End audio and video stores in Westchester county, NY. and Connecticut. Servicing Audio and Video products for such stores such as, The Listening Room, Sounds Incredible, Toys From the Attic, Harvey Electronics, Sound Ideas and more. We continued providing service for Sound Mill customers and there came a time when many people began asking us for new equipment. Aarlington Audio Video was formed in 2001 which allowed us to provide new equipment to our clients. Our business grew and the rest is history.

We pride ourselves in providing the best equipment at a reasonable price that performs well and has a proven track record for its reliability, longevity, performance, and more important, how the manufacturer stands behind their products. I, am first, a service technician so my recommendations are based on an entirely different set of reasons. There have been many popular brands that I refused to sell because of the very poor support from the manufacturer. Anything can have a service issue and if the manufacturer isn't there to back us up, it's not a good decision to recommend it or sell it.